CMMI Appraisals

What is CMMI?
For 25+ years, high-performing organizations have achieved clear, sustainable business results with ISACA®, and CMMI® maturity models. Originally created for the U.S. Department of Defense to assess the quality and capability of their software contractors, ISACAs CMMI models have expanded beyond software engineering to help organizations around the world, in any industry, understand their current level of capability and performance and offer a guide to optimize business results.

Our integrated CMMI product suite provides best practices that enable organizations to improve performance of their key capabilities, providing a clear roadmap for building, improving, and benchmarking capability.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a set of global best practices that drives business performance through building and benchmarking key capabilities. 
CMMI best practices focus on what needs to be done to improve performance and align operations to business goals.

CMMI Model – Maturity Levels :
In CMMI with staged representation, there are five maturity levels described as follows :

  1. Maturity level 1 : Initial
    • processes are poorly managed or controlled.
    • unpredictable outcomes of processes involved.
    • ad hoc and chaotic approach used.
    • No KPAs (Key Process Areas) defined.
    • Lowest quality and highest risk.
  2. Maturity level 2 : Managed
    • requirements are managed.
    • processes are planned and controlled.
    • projects are managed and implemented according to their documented plans.
    • This risk involved is lower than Initial level, but still exists.
    • Quality is better than Initial level.
  3. Maturity level 3 : Defined
    • processes are well characterized and described using standards, proper procedures, and methods, tools, etc.
    • Medium quality and medium risk involved.
    • Focus is process standardization.
  4. Maturity level 4 : Quantitatively managed
    • quantitative objectives for process performance and quality are set.
    • quantitative objectives are based on customer requirements, organization needs, etc.
    • process performance measures are analyzed quantitatively.
    • higher quality of processes is achieved.
    • lower risk
  5. Maturity level 5 : Optimizing
    • continuous improvement in processes and their performance.
    • improvement has to be both incremental and innovative.
    • highest quality of processes.
    • lowest risk in processes and their performance.
Category S. No. Capability Area S. No. Practice Area Total Practice
Doing  1 Delivering & Managing Services 1 Service Delivery Management (SDM) 8
2 Strategic Service Management (SSM) 5
2 Engineering & Developing Products 3 Product Integration (PI) 10
4 Technical Solution (TS) 10
3 Ensuring Quality 5 Peer Review (PR) 6
6 Process Quality Assurance (PQA) 6
7 Requirement Development & Management (RDM) 14
8 Verification & Validation (VV) 7
4 Selecting & Managing Supplier 9 Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) 10
10 Supplier Source Selection (SSS) 7
Managing  5 Managing Business Resilience  11 Continuity (CONT) 7
12 Incident Resolution & Prevention (IRP) 6
13 Risk & Opportunity Management (RSK) 8
6 Managing the Workforce 14 Organizational Training (OT) 9
7 Planning & Managing the Work 15 Estimating (EST) 6
16 Monitor & Control (MC) 10
17 Planning (PLAN) 15
Enabling  8 Supporting Implementation 18 Causal Analysis & Resolution (CAR) 11
19 Configuration Management (CM) 7
20 Decision Analysis & Resolution (DAR) 8
Improving  9 Improving Performance 21 Managing Performance & Measurement (MPM) 22
22 Process Asset Development (PAD) 11
23 Process Management (PM) 12
10 Sustaining Habit & Persistance 24 Governance (GOV) 8
25 Implementation Infrastructure (II) 6

Increased customer satisfaction
Increased efficiency and productivity
Reduction in risk, rework, and re-planning
Performance, Operations, and delivery is aligned with business goals
Fast and flawless delivery

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