ISO/TS 29001 - Quality Management System - Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries

The standard provides quality management system requirements for product and service supply to organizations focusing on the entire oil and gas supply chain, which includes material and equipment according to usage (flow or counter flow), providers of services for the oil and gas industry, customers, and material and services. QIC Protech Conducts assessments and certifies Hotels against ISO/TS 29001 standards.

ISO/TS 29001 standards integrate specific technical requirements related to the petrochemical and gas industry sectors into the ISO 9001 quality management systems. The aim of this standard is to mitigate risk and provide an effective quality management system for the petrochemical and gas industry sectors.

Why ISO/TS 29001 - Quality Management System - Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas Industries
  • Enables to work with the oil & gas organizations and supply chain where it is expected, or potentially improve market position for competitors to meet the need of supply chain,
  • Improve performance which is measurable such as less waste, reduced costs, and improved product contribution;
  • Potentially reduces the need to comply with other differing petrochemicals, petroleum, or natural gas requirements and standards.



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